Bookmaker odds: are mistakes possible?

Bookmaker Odds

In the given material, the odds of bookmakers will be considered. Someone will be skeptical about the topic, believing that there is nothing to discuss here, since the larger the quote, the better. However, this is the approach of amateurs, and the main difference between a professional player and an amateur is an understanding of the principles of forming a bookmaker’s line.

What is the movement of the bookmaker’s line

Each player noticed that the bookmaker’s quotes at the time of opening the line can seriously differ from the odds available before the start of the event. This is used by professional players who know that bets are made either immediately after the line is released, or immediately before the start of the match.

The fact is that bookmakers take into account many factors when placing quotes, which, of course, will change, and as a result, this will affect the coefficients. This is best shown by live events, where quotes are highly volatile during the game, reacting to what is happening on the field. By the way, the most honest chances are reflected in the live, in comparison with what is offered in the prematch. Please note that the quotes 5 seconds before the start of the match and 5 seconds after are seriously different, although the teams have not even started playing yet.

In addition, the lines of bookmakers even differ in the dynamics and direction of the change in the odds, take, for example, the group stage match of the Europa League CSKA – Wolfsberger.

As you can see, a few hours before the match, some offices give CSKA 1.72 to win and the quotes are growing, while in others they offer 1.64 for a bet and a downward trend is visible. What is the reason below.

Why odds change

Most beginner players believe that the bookmaker’s line reflects the real chances of a particular outcome, but this is a wrong judgment. In fact, bookmakers take into account the chances of winning as one of many factors, but not the most important one. The main criterion that determines the coefficient is the bettors’ expectations.

That is, the bookmaker can give a real line, but if the players load on one outcome, the bookmaker will be in the black only if everyone loses, and a series of large predictable sporting events will bring the office to the brink of ruin. Unlike novice gamblers, the bookmaker knows what bank management is, so he gives quotes that balance the line so that customers bet not only on the favorite, but also on the outsider.

In fact, the office forms several balanced banks, and when calculating the winning bets, it gives the bets of the losers to the players, while making a profit from the margin included in the quote. It’s like in roulette, it can come out black or red, but in the end the casino will win at the expense of zero.

Let’s take a look at the change in the odds in the match with CSKA, at the legat bookmaker .

As you can see, the bets were accepted from 12:00 on November 27, after which the quotes in less than a day sank from 1.77 to 1.65, all because clients began to bet on the newly opened line, while the bookmaker’s expectations were not met and most bettors loaded on CSKA, so we had to reduce the attractiveness of the outcome. On the first day, those who wanted to put it and there was stagnation.

The next surge occurred on November 29 in the evening, after CSKA lost to Rubin, after which some of the clients who, after watching the match, decided to load against Goncharenko’s team, using a good coefficient on the Austrians, but the quotes returned to their previous level and even fell further.

On the night of 03.12, after the Champions League matches ended, the final assault on the bookmaker’s line began, in which quotes would jump right up to the match.

How do scanners work?

Scouring the websites of bookmakers in search of a profitable coefficient is an ineffective occupation, therefore, for these purposes, special services have been invented called bookmaker line scanners. The principle of operation is that the line of the office is analyzed programmatically and systematized on special resources that present users with quotes in an orderly form, with an emphasis on the best of them.

There are many scanners on the Internet that work with the list of bookmakers, each of which offers its own set of functions, but their main purpose is to find arbitrage rates. Arbitrage bets, they are also surebets, are the only way to make a series of bets and, for sure, stay in the black.

Forb players select the odds for each of the outcomes so that when calculating each bet, the winnings cover losses from losses on the remaining outcomes, thereby receiving a 100% profit guarantee.

Scanner functionality: settings and filters

When choosing a scanner, first of all familiarize yourself with its functionality, as even the best algorithm may not suit your playstyle. When choosing a service, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The number of BC presented.
  • Analyzed sports.
  • Outcomes available for analysis.
  • Scanning live events.

In addition, you need to be able to customize these parameters. When working with the scanner, you do not need all 30 available bookmakers, since you will only bet where you are registered.

The same applies to the markets, it is obvious that most surebets are found on outcomes with a minimum margin, that is, 1X2 and TB / TM, and the analysis of the rest of the list is not for everyone. Thus, it is desirable that the program supports as many filters as possible, the main of which will allow you to customize:

  • Outcomes.
  • Competitions.
  • Bookmakers.
  • Income percentage.
  • Fork life time.
  • Additional functionality.

In addition to surebets, scanners provide additional information useful to players, including:

  • About corridors
  • Overestimation of the coefficients.
  • Changes in quotes.