Profitable betting: is it possible?

Nowadays, the betting business is booming – this is undoubtedly a very exciting and incredibly interesting activity that attracts more and more people from year to year. The essence of betting is very simple – the company offers you a bet. By accepting the terms of the bet, you place a money bet on one of the outcomes. If the forecast is correct, your money will be returned and a good amount will be charged on top. If not, your money goes to the bookmaker. Everything is very simple.

We place bets at a bookmaker’s office

Practice shows that it is incredibly easy to place a bet. All you need:

  • Open an account with a bookmaker.
  • Deposit the required amount.
  • Make a forecast, place a bet.
  • If you win, you take the winnings.

What are rates for you?

Sports betting for any beginner seems to be a fairly simple exercise. This is indeed so – based on the above algorithm, it is easy to come to the conclusion that there are no difficulties here. But only if betting is fun for you. When you want to consistently earn good money, you cannot do without experience, practice and losses, which cannot be avoided in any way.

The results of the sports confrontation are influenced by a huge number of factors. How to correctly predict the outcome of, say, a sports match? You need to look at the physical condition of the players, the motivation of the players, the referees, the weather where they are playing (away or at home). There are a huge number of nuances, but the strategy of betting purely on favorites has its drawbacks – cases when an outsider tore a leader quite a lot.

You can win by betting on sports. However, be prepared for an abundance of difficulties – after all, in the modern betting sector, almost 90% of players are in the red. Of course, they win from time to time, but if you count the overall dynamics, the situation does not seem so rosy – they lost more than they won.

There is nothing wrong with losing if you bet only to tickle your nerves or for personal pleasure. But if we are talking about rates for earnings, the approach to business needs to be changed.

By the way, in order to avoid gambling addiction and an abundance of psychological problems, we recommend at the initial stage to position this type of activity purely as entertainment, not counting on any money. We managed to win – just fine, lost – analyze why this happened and do not make such mistakes in the future.

Choosing a bookmaker’s line

Practice shows that almost any bookmaker that values ​​its customers offers a huge number of different sports and a whole sea of ​​all kinds of betting options. There is only one goal – to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding players.

Football takes the first place in popularity – soccer is watched by the largest number of people, and a lot of players also bet on them. The second place is occupied by hockey, followed by basketball and tennis. And on the descending line – all kinds of auto racing, water polo. The variety is very great.

Classic bets on the outcome are not as popular as they used to be – a lot of people want to place bets on additional outcomes. An example is whether one of the players will be able to score a goal into the opponent’s goal, how many yellow cards he will score in a match. These kinds of nuances are usually called painting – remember this term. The wider the painting, the more choice.

Of course, as soon as you come to the bookmaker’s office, your eyes may start to run wild from the abundance of bets that are offered to you here. Our recommendation is to only bet on what you are good at.

Excitement rules the world – probably, each of those who read this article, at some point came to the conclusion that the upcoming match is a “sure thing” and you can make good money on it. The question arises – how can you place a bet correctly? What should you bet on – one game or prefer the express, where the odds are summed up with each other?

There are many questions – betting on a certain system, strategy, on new sports. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Types of bets

The first place is occupied by an ordinary – this is a bet that is placed on some single outcome of a sports confrontation. The win is the product of the amount of bets by the odds that the bookmaker offers for a certain outcome. A simple example – we place a bet of $ 100 on the victory of the team with the odds of 2.5. If this team wins, you get $ 250 profit. But if the bet does not work, you will lose money.

Express is more interesting from the point of view of profitability. Here you place a bet on several different sporting events in one session. If at least one of the events loses, your bet will expire, with no options. Even if you managed to guess 3 matches before the fatal loss, the bookmaker keeps the money.

However, if you’re in luck, three bets with a total odds of 4.5 will net you $ 450 – not bad!

More experienced players place their bets according to the system. We provide an example of a betting system for express bets in this article. Instead of one long express for 10 events, you will make 2 by 3 events and 1 by 4.

Handicap betting is also very popular among bookmaker clients. In this case, for the purpose of calculation, a certain number of goals scored by any of the teams (in whose favor the handicap was formed) will be added (or subtracted) to the result.

The so-called zero handicap is well-deservedly popular – a way to insure your bet. A reduced odds are offered for zero handicap, however, in some cases it is worth it – by placing a bet of $ 100 on zero handicap with odds of 2.0, in case of a tie, you will return the money and take the winnings if the team on which the bet wins was done. This bet will lose only if the opponent wins.

Total and time-match betting

We continue to analyze the types of bets in bookmakers and in this section I would like to dwell on totals in detail. Total – a bet on the total number of goals scored (under-over) in relation to a certain number.

Most of the bookmakers for football offer a total of 2.5 – so, having made such a bet, it is important for you that the team score any number of goals, but not more than two. Otherwise, the bet will be lost (if the team wins, say, scoring 3 goals). There are many variations.

It is also quite simple to place a bet on a time-match – today this option is offered by a huge number of modern bookmakers. The essence of the bet is encrypted directly in the name – you are betting on the outcome of the first half, but also of the match as a whole. Those. conventionally, you need the team to score 2 goals in the first half and finish the match with a score of 3.0. If this happens, your bet will win. If, for example, 1 goal is scored in the first half, and the match is ultimately won, the bet will still not play.

Analyze your possibilities and choose responsibly – this way you can make profitable bets that will bring you good money.

In this section, we will deal with the coefficients. The coefficient is an estimate by the bookmaker of the probability of an event occurring. If the event is executed with a low probability, the coefficient is higher. If the probability is higher, he will win accordingly. Do not forget about the margin – any odds in the bookmaker’s office include a margin (read, service commission), the amount of which can vary from 2 to 10%.

We cannot do without an example. Suppose tomorrow there will be a game where 2 teams take part. Bets on the victory of 1 team are accepted with a coefficient of 1.6, while bets on the victory of the second team are accepted with a coefficient of 2.5. Calculating the probability is simple – divide 100 by 1.6 and get 60%. The probability of the second team is also calculated – 100 divided by 2.5 and we get 40% (the probability of winning).

The coefficient can change, moreover, very seriously and very unexpectedly. If the majority of the bookmaker’s clients bet on the favorite, the odds on it are reduced, but the odds on the outsider are proportionally increased.

Did you accept the offer, place your bet and display the correct prediction? The profit is in your pocket. Otherwise, the income from the bets goes to the bookmaker’s office.

Remember that if the odds at the bookmaker are very high, there is a reasonable explanation for this. The probability of this event occurring is very small, therefore, it may be simply unprofitable to bet on it. Despite the great prospects, you will not be able to win. What is the point of coveting a million if you still get it with a probability of 1 in 10,000? Bookmaker analysts work well, mistakes are very rare.