Typical mistakes for beginners in basketball betting

In many sports, the performance of the team is quite static, it rarely changes dramatically depending on the opponent, the time and place of the competition. But basketball is different in that the final total of the match quite often depends on a lot of external factors. For example, one of the players felt the courage and began to score almost every goal. Or, on the contrary, athletes are not in the best physical and emotional state, they act under stress, the projectile simply refuses to fly from any position.

For example, the Miami Heats team during the regular season 2018/19 became one of the weakest in terms of performance and very often produced small series of grassroots matches. But almost always, these streaks were interrupted by very scoring meetings, in which the leaders of the team scored a large number of points. It can be quite difficult to predict the effectiveness of this or that match, since it very often depends on how the players feel on a particular day, whether they have “failed”.

Common mistakes in basketball betting

Therefore, a good advice in such a situation can be the choice of total for a particular match right in the course of it, in Live mode. As a rule, in the course of the first quarter, the picture of the confrontation clearly emerges and it becomes clear which of the players is in good shape, which team has every chance to break through the total or dry out the fight. For this reason, experienced users try not basketball betting on the performance of the encounter before the start of the match. This is equally true for the overall total and for the individual total for each team.

If you still work with totals in basketball, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a few tips on this type of bets.

Points Race Betting

A fairly common type of bet on the points race in a certain playing segment. And it is very important that the bookmaker almost always makes a choice in favor of the team that is the favorite of the whole match as a whole. And this is especially true for the bet on the first game, since, logically, a strong team should immediately start right off the bat and start creating a handicap, with the help of which it will be easier to win a landslide victory.

Common mistakes in basketball betting

In fact, one should very carefully analyze each event, as well as study the peculiarities of the game of individual teams. For example, CSKA Moscow starts its fights very well, often delivering an excellent spurt of 10-15 points, which allows them to immediately take control of the situation. For this reason, it is not very risky to bet on such a team in the race.

But there are a number of teams that prefer to save their strength at the start of the game, and from the second quarter, having studied the opponent, they move on to active attacking actions. Therefore, when betting on the points race, first of all, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of the teams’ play, and not to the status of the favorite.

Quarter Winning Bets

According to the bookmaker’s logic and the odds that are offered for winning in each separate playing segment, one should think that a strong team should win without any particular problems in all four quarters. However, in reality, everything is much more complicated. Bookmakers always offer to bet on the favorite of the meeting and his victory in a separate quarter with a solid odds, which is often led by not too experienced users.

Common mistakes in basketball betting

True, here we can advise you to resort to a couple of tricky points that can help you avoid offensive betting mistakes. First, teams behave quite differently within each quarter. For example, the aforementioned CSKA Moscow very rarely misfires in the first and second quarters. But the third game segment does not lend itself to the team of Dimitris Ittudis. And the most pleasant thing for betting lovers is that they offer to bet with a high odds on the victory of an opponent within a separate game segment.

Another important point is that there is often a draw in the quarters, the teams gain an equal number of points. In such a case, betting on equality is too risky, but you can insure yourself against defeat. Of course, the odds for the option with a double outcome for one of the teams to win or draw are lower, but at the same time, a serious risk can be avoided precisely due to such a bet.

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Or, as an option, you can use a ready-made strategy for betting on a win in a quarter from experts

Individual player stats
The next main conclusion is that it is necessary to approach the analysis of each individual athlete as carefully as possible, to monitor how they have performed over the past time. But it is even more important to pay attention to how the player manifests himself during a particular meeting, whether he was able to realize all his best sides. This is primarily due to the fact that many athletes traditionally play well against teams whose basketball players are “heavy” and of short stature. Therefore, it is advisable to bet on such outcomes right in the course of the fight.

The first aspect concerns the performance of the athletes. There are basketball players who give out a lot of points over time. Stefan Curry and Kawhi Leonard are constantly at a high level, Kevin Durant is gaining a lot of points. But there are basketball players who shoot and then die out. These include Siakama from the Toronto Raptors. Therefore, it is advisable to first look at how the player began to score points, and then bet on the final result.

Common mistakes in basketball betting

An important aspect is the number of rebounds that players can place. For example, Adetokunbo from Milwaukee almost always scores a large number of balls under his and someone else’s shield. And this is pretty obvious, since the large size allows him to win the fight against smaller defenders. However, to a large extent, the effectiveness of rebounds depends on how often the teams send the projectile to the target, or at least make attempts. It is not profitable to bet on this option even if the teams hit with a large percentage, as well as if the teams try not to attack at all and use only the most correct options for throwing.

Common mistakes in basketball betting

The same applies to block shots, which are far from the most common game element, but you can bet on it. Many players rely only on what kind of anthropometric data basketball players have. However, you need to pay attention to how often opponents try to go under the ring and shoot from above. When many strikers of another team try to do dunks over and over again, then an order of magnitude more opportunities appear to block the opponent’s attack.